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Maids' Tales

By Stephanie Carter

 A4 paperback, 125 pages

Cost:  £10.00 per book

The author has used past copies of the Craven Herald, Roger Mason’s Granny’s Village, Eleanor Blanche Tempest’s Broughton Hall and its Associations, Earby and District Local History Society’s journal (Earby Chronicles), Alfred Proctor’s - A Gardener’s Life, Mrs Cryer’s Memories of Colne, 19th Century Newspapers Online, census records and, more importantly, talking to people whose forebears were in service.

The book covers full time live-in servants and has extended the area to include Colne, Burnley, Bracewell, Gledstone, Broughton and Skipton, but the stories told all have links to Earby and the Parish of Thornton-in-Craven. The author has also used North Holme as a farm typical of those in the locality, which used farm servants and agricultural workers (classed in the census as servants and ag labs).

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