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earby war memorial 1920s

World War I Centenary

For more information on the memorial names follow the link Cravens Part in the Great War

Our First World War Exhibition

October 18th and 19th 2014

The exhibiton to commemorate the centenary of the start of WWI was held at New Road Community Centre over the week end on 18th/19th October 2014. Reproduced below are the main exhibition panels. Click on the titles below; some of the files are large and may take a while to open.

The panels were printed by Textstyles UK of Albert Road  Colne.

Earby War Memorial in its original form

War Memorial Boards

Watch the exhibition video on facebook

Exhibition goes to Germany

In October the Society was invited to contribute to a WWI exhibition being staged in Marl in Germany. The exhibition was hosted by the Marl History Workshop as parrt of a twin town event. Pendle has been twinned with Marl in the Rheinland-Westfalia region of Geremany for 20 years and this was being celebrated in Marl. The exhibition was one of several events being organised.


Marl is aslo twinned with several other towns and these also contributed to a European wide exhibition. There were contributions from France, Hungary and Turkey and The Society was honoured to be representing Pendle.




The Great War of 1914 to 1919 is now virtually out of living memory, none of those who took part in the conflict are living to tell first hand the story. However memory can be and is handed down through the generations of a family. We hear so often that serving service men did not want to recall the horrors they endured which is quite natural to expect.


On the other hand sometimes recollections have been passed from father to son and are still retained within the family memory. Sometimes photographs, postcards, letters or even diaries of the period have survived. Perhaps some souvenir or artefact has been retained.


The Earby and District Local History Society want to tell of the effect that the First World War had on Earby and its people.


Most people will have a family member who was swept up in the events 100 years ago. Many will have an ancestor who didn’t return; what was the effect on the family left behind.


Although the exhibition commemorating the centenary of the start of World War I has taken place, the Society is still looking for material for the permanent WWI archive which will be a lasting memorial to the people affected by the events 100 years or so ago.


The history of the battles and campaigns has been and will be well covered in the next few years and the History Society would like to explore the more local aspects of the time.

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