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Earby Ranch Community Centre

The community centre from which the nickname for the estate was derived because of its likeness to a ranch house.

The extension at the front was a later addition when the building was converted into an egg packing station.



Northolme Estate, named after a local farmhouse, and known colloquially as 'The Ranch', is situated in a rural position on the outskirts of Earby, a small town on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border, now in the borough of Pendle.

The original houses, known as 'hutments', were built as temporary prefabricated accommodation for the 'essential workers' who moved into the area when companies such as The rover (aero engine) Limited and Rolls-Royce Limited moved their operations away from the Midlands to escape the bombing early in World War 2.

The prefabs as they came to be known, were quite spacious, comprising of a kitchen with a black range, a living room, three bedrooms, a bathroom and weren't we posh, an inside toilet.  All the houses had large gardens which were used mainly for growing vegetables.

The estate was split in two by the main road which led to there being two communities, us and the 'T'uthersiders'.  We tended to stay on our own side of the estate and I do not have many recollections of the t'utherside or the people that lived there.

The original site was aimed mainly at the people who lived and grew up on the Kenilworth Drive side of the estate during the 1940's-1960's but with so much input from people on the Warwick Drive side the site has now been amalgamated.

There was a great sense of community spirit and everyone joined in, whether it be a street party to celebrate the Coronation or a bonfire night firework display.

Ken Ranson

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