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The North Holme Estate Heritage Exhibition was hosted by Earby & District Local History Society and held in the North Holme Community Centre on Sunday, 28 July 2013.  

The exhibition was based around a series of exhibition boards which traced the history of the Ranch from its origins in the depths of World War II to the present day.


The original estate of prefabricated houses was built to accommodate war workers form the Midlands when their essential work was transferred to West Craven.  There was also a detailed model of an original prefab house of 1941 constructed from scratch by Peter Dawson plus the Society's research notes and photographs to look at.  Youngsters had an area set aside for colouring and drawing a prefab house.

Chief guests include the deputy Mayor of Pendle, Councillor Graham Roach and the deputy Mayoress Joanna Sagar.  Ninety three year old John O'Toole who was Chairman of the Earby Urban District Council Housing Committee responsible for the replacement of the prefabs with modern post war semis and Peter Dawson who was part of the team which built the original prefabs.

John O'Toole cutting the first sod

John O'Toole cutting the first sod for the building of the houses to replace the original prefabs 50 years ago.

All other photographs by Margaret Brown.

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